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"I recently had a radon mitigation system installed by RadonProz and I saw instant results. I went from readings as high as 500+ bq and averages of 250 bq down to less than 10 within 24 hours. I even saw readings below 5 and as low as 1. The last reading I saw before installation was 346. This was confirmed by an independent radon tester device that I purchased myself.

I am very happy with the results and highly recommend RadonProz if you are concerned about your radon levels and want to make your home safe. RadonProz were very professional, friendly, and attentive throughout the whole process from initial assessment, testing, installation, and follow up. Tod and Chris were both awesome!"


"I had RadonProz install a mitigation fan to remove high levels of radon in my home. I had also purchased a monitor for my own use and to pass on to friends and family. My levels were quite high and after the installation a few weeks ago my readings have drastically gone down to less than 35 Bq/m3. The results were better than expected. As well Chris the installer was very professional. Answered all my many pesky questions with professionalism and enthusiasm you do not often see . His work was very clean and well done. Working with Tod was also a very professional experience and I fully recommend this company and getting this work done. Your health is worth so much ."


"I started working with Tod at RadonProz several years ago when we had our house initially tested for Radon.  This was important given our family spends a lot of time in our basement and friends of ours had indicated that they had used RadonProz for a mitigation system as their Radon levels were high.  Although our test results were within acceptable standards for the purposes of Health Canada, having researched the issue, it was clear that seeking a lower threshold – as Tod would put it – “as low as we can go” – was the desired outcome.  Several long terms tests later, we engaged Tod and RadonProz to install a mitigation system and our Radon levels were reduced to an average of below 20 BCQ.  The install of the system was simple and completed within a day with zero disruption.  RadonProz answered every question I had (and trust me, there were lots) and I appreciated their patience immensely.  After the system was installed there was not a fleck of dust left over and the cleanup of debris was perfect (my utility room was cleaner than before Chris arrived!)."

Sean S.

"They were very knowledgeable and quickly put our minds at ease about the hazards of radon in our basement.  The mitigation unit now runs quietly in the corner of our basement and our radon level is very low.  Thank you RadonProz."

Jamie and Carol Hall

"The staff were very professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable and we are very happy with the radon mitigation results in our home. We went from readings above 300 Bq/m3 down to 20 Bq/m3. Thank you for making our home safe!"


"Pinchin Ltd., has had the pleasure of working with RadonProz since 2012. Over the years we have observed their team on numerous radon mitigation projects to be efficient, competent, and its nice to see they truly have their client's best interests at heart. As certified radon mitigators they have earned their name as a pro."

Heather Swail,
Pinchin Ltd.

"With the latest Health Canada awareness campaigns regarding radon, I was concerned my home may be a candidate for mitigation. Being concerned about my family's safety, a friend referred me to RadonProz. They quickly came out and performed a test which indicated my home was higher than the safe threshold. Long story short, my home is now well below previous levels and is safe. Through the whole process, RadonProz was professional, courteous, and addressed all of my concerns. They are a pleasure to deal with. Thank you RadonProz!"


"I had the opportunity to deal with RadonProz when I had a radon system installed in my home. They were very pleasant and informative as to the whole process. They installed the system quickly and cleaned up after, and the system looks great. They followed up with me to make sure it was running correctly. Overall it was a great experience with this company and I would recommend them."

Susan Greschuk, Associate Broker
Century 21 Sun Country Realty

"The team at Radonproz is professional, reasonable and very personable. They went over and above for me and I would recommend them to anyone. Follow up service regarding questions and such was superb!"

Robyn Mitchell