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"I started working with Tod at RadonProz several years ago when we had our house initially tested for Radon.  This was important given our family spends a lot of time in our basement and friends of ours had indicated that they had used RadonProz for a mitigation system as their Radon levels were high.  Although our test results were within acceptable standards for the purposes of Health Canada, having researched the issue, it was clear that seeking a lower threshold – as Tod would put it – “as low as we can go” – was the desired outcome.  Several long terms tests later, we engaged Tod and RadonProz to install a mitigation system and our Radon levels were reduced to an average of below 20 BCQ.  The install of the system was simple and completed within a day with zero disruption.  RadonProz answered every question I had (and trust me, there were lots) and I appreciated their patience immensely.  After the system was installed there was not a fleck of dust left over and the cleanup of debris was perfect (my utility room was cleaner than before Chris arrived!)."

Sean S.